An error occurred while using the liver.msh model

When replacing the model in the Example-PbdTissue* example (such as Example-PbdTissueGrasping) with the liver.msh model, an error was reported, but it can be compiled normally with other models provided in the project, such as colon_.msh. I would like to ask if you can pr.ovide a new liver.msh model for reference.

Thanks for the information, can you tell me what the error is ?

I’m really sorry to reply you so late. It looks like the liver.msh file is not in binary format, so the error was reported during the code reading process, so we used another organ model included in the imstk project such as colon.msh (binary format), so that the program can run normally. We developed a new liver msh model using TetWild as described in the Documentation, and the application ran successfully.