Android build not working

I’ve been having some issues making a working android build of the vitals monitor using the pulse engine. When I just play it in editor, it works fine.
However, when I try to build to Android, it no longer works. The lines don’t show up and the numbers don’t change. In the android logcat, I get this error.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this issue?

This unity release candidate package may have working androd libraries

We are going to realse soon, so I will rebuild an asset then.
There are also build instructions on our Pulse engine repo, but it is a bit of a chore

I just tried the package, it doesn’t seem to work.

What kind of android device are you running on?

The Meta Quest

I believe we may need to build against the meta quest SDK… but I am not sure.
The android binaries are build against the standard android sdk, which may or may not be what the quest wants…

Is there anything I can do?

Download the meta quest SDK and build Pulse per its requirements.

I had to do the same thing to get Pulse to run on the Magic Leap
I have not done any investigation with meta to see how similar/easy/hard this is