Arterial Blood Pressure line trace


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Enumerations For Arterial Blood Pressure.

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I am trying to create a new line trace on the vitals monitor for the arterial blood pressure that is separate from the whole body arterial blood pressure trace.
Is it possible to grab the arterial blood pressure from a liquid compartment like the RightArmVasculature or is there another way to get the Invasive Blood Pressure trace?

The Arterial Blood Pressure is simply the Pressure on the Aorta compartment,
SEDataRequest.CreateLiquidCompartmentDataRequest("Aorta", "Pressure", PressureUnit.mmHg),

If you want the Right Arm Blood Pressure, pull the Pressure on the Right Arm Compartment
SEDataRequest.CreateLiquidCompartmentDataRequest("RightArmVasculature", "Pressure", PressureUnit.mmHg),