c# Source Example Missing files

opening src\csharp\PulseCSharp.sln
I am getting missing files from “bind” folder.

How can I proceed?

Pulse is a native C++ based library, you will not be able to use the C# API without building

You will still need to build the source code to generate the C# Pulse.dll
This build will also build the missing bind directory

I have a couple of prebuilt C# dlls for windows here:

I downloaded the dlls and added a reference to Pulse c# Project
But still not compiling
What do I do wrongly?

You added the Pulse.dll to the project that makes the Pulse.dll

If you don’t want to build the source code, remove the Pulse project from the solution
And add the Pulse.dll and Google.Protobuf.dll to the HowTo project as references

And If I would build the Pulse.dll?

Building up the C# infrastructure is a bit complicated and undocumented…

  1. Build the C++ per the directions in the ReadMe
  2. Build the Google Protobuf C# library
    • Open and Buld the builds\pulse-engine\External\protobuf\src\csharp\src\Google.Protobuf.sln
    • You will get a few dll’s in the builds\pulse-engine\External\protobuf\src\csharp\src\Google.Protobuf\bin\Release directory
    • I usually add the Release\net45\Google.Protobuf.dll to my PulseCSharp.sln

Now the Pulse project in PulseCSharp.sln should build, as well as the HowTo

At some point, I will look into automating step 2 into the C++ build

I am trying to compile the C++
Here what I did

  1. I got this error.

    Any hint?

What branch are you on?

That function is defined in this file

Can you post the full log output from the cmake gui?

My fault. I did not point to the root directory but to the one containing cpp code.
Fixed that, it worked!!
I will continue tomorrow. Meanwhile thank you very much with your great support

I was able to build the managed Pulse.dll following above steps
thanks a lot

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