Can I filter model entities by their association to an attribute type?

I have a use case for the Truchas attribute template that I originally thought we could support, but now think we need an update to the smtk query syntax. The basic scenario is:

  • The user creates one or more “enclosure” attributes, each one associated with one or more side sets (model face entities).
  • The user creates “emissivity” attributes, each one associated with one or more of the side sets that are currently associated to an “enclosure” attribute.

In the “emissivity” attribute view, I want to restrict the list of available entities in the association widget to those side sets that are also associated to an “enclosure” attribute. I envision specifying this with template syntax analogous to our property syntax:

  <Component Name="smtk::model::Resource" Filter="face[attribute{type='enclosure'}]" />

Is something like this doable with the current smtk?

Never mind. Bob pointed out that attribute prerequisites can fill this requirement - Thanks.