Cardiovascular model question

I am curious to use the pulse engine to emulate signals for a single organ, namely the heart.
I have at a high level looked through the work of Daniel Burkhoff and would like to replicate o model used for mechanical unloading of the heart. Ideally I would like to start with a simple model that can plot the P-V loop for the heart starting from the cricuit model.

The papers are listed here: Simulation - Daniel Burkhoff MD PhD

The circuit model:

Looking through the pulse code, it appears that the functionality is present however it looks like it’s driven from the ‘patient’ level rather than the organ level. Maybe there are examples of a single organ but am a bit overwhelmed by the amount of content I need to wade through.

Any pointers to where to start would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Kurt,

Interesting idea!

I would start with

  1. Building Pulse
  2. Modify the HowTo driver to run our Sandbox HowTo (I work in MSVC and make the HowTo my active project, with the working directory the install/bin of the Pulse build)
  3. I would delete the contents of this function from here down, so I have a blank executable sandbox to work with
  4. Take a look at how we build circuits here and here, and build your circuit inline in that sand box method
  5. Here is an example where we drive and test only the kidney circuit
  6. You can see in the AdvancedCircuit test, we are writing the values of all the circuit components every time step to a csv file, you should set up your sand box to do the same once you are driving your circuit model
  7. From that csv file you should be able to create the plot you are looking for

That should get the ball rolling (And in one file!)

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