Changing data real time

For the simulation I am working on, I want to be able to change in real time the data shown in the Vitals Monitor. For example, I want to set the heart rate to 82, and then change it to some other number. Is this possible with the Unity Asset?

The monitor is being driven by Pulse
If you disconnect it form Pulse, you can set it to whatever you want.
If you leave it connected to Pulse, and you want the patient to have a HR or 82, then you need to do something to the Pulse patient to increase/decrease its HR.

You have to think of the Pulse patient as a real patient.
If you wanted to change your HR, what would you do?
Stress? Exercise? Drugs?
(And the HR does not just jump up, the HR would increase, just like yours would in starting exercise)

We also have several starting patients you can use, and they have various starting vitals.
If you wanted a patient that has a resting HR of ~82, you can use Soldier@0s.json

Modifying a vital to be held at a certain value defeats the purpose of a dynamic, mechanistic engine such as Pulse.

Does that make sense?

This is exactly what I wanted to know as I am working in a simulation and I need the asset to work as if I was working with a real patient. Thank you for your clarification abray.