CMB Road Map 2021

This topic focuses on changes planned for CMB ModelBuilder. The current target is to have these changes in place by April 30, 2022.

Since CMB ModelBuilder directly depends on features / changes to SMTK, this roadmap must also reference SMTK Road Map 2021.

New Versioning Scheme

The versioning scheme we will be using is YY.MM.P:

  • YY - Year
  • MM - Month
  • P - Patch

New Features

Python Shell

We will expose ParaView’s “Python Shell” panel in aevaCMB.

Supporting Projects

SMTK Project provides the ability to group resources, operations, and custom UI enhancements to represent a user’s workflow. This will significantly reduce the amount of bookkeeping required by the end user and will result in a more productive user experience.

Accessing More Solid Modeling/CAD Functionality

The main focus of this effort will be on the OpenCASCADE Session that was prototyped in 2020.

  • Creation and editing of simple shapes
  • Lofting/sweeping/revolving (use case: trace curves from anatomical scan data in several planes, then loft/sweep/revolve to make a volume).

More SMTK 3D Widgets

These widgets will be available using SMTK’s View Functionality.

  • Coordinate frame widget (translate, orient with respect to surface geometry, rotation with angle snapping).
  • Crinkle-cut volume widgets (drag cut surface, draw selection on clip surface to select/deselect volume elements).
  • Shape-select volumetric elements (use case: volumetric cell/node selection in aeva)
  • Curve drawing/fitting (for lofting edges into a surface).
  • Drawing on surfaces using a texture-atlas.

Qt View Enhancements

  • New table-style view for displaying / editing attributes.
  • Adding new Task View types that can directly influence the content shown in either a 3D View or in the Resource Review

Helping and Expanding CMB/SMTK Developer and User Base

Updating Documentation

  • Updating Getting Started Document
  • Changing the About Dialog to be focused on CMB and not ParaView.

Hands On Tutorials

  • MinimalFEM Example that provides an end to end walk through
  • ACE3P Examples targeted for the next ACE3P User Group Meeting

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