CMB6 - Post processing missing Save State?



Utilizing the latest master of CMB6 and the PostProcessing plugin I have a FOAM simulation opened and have used the PostProcessing plugin like I would with ParaView and I’d like to Save State much like I would in ParaView but I don’t see this option anywhere. Is this behavior not been implemented yet or something I am missing?




Hi Corey,

Nope you are not missing anything. This has not been implemented yet. I will get back to you tomorrow on when its status.


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Hi Bob,

Just following up.



Hi Corey,

Sorry for the delay - after discussing this with the team, we think we should be able to expose the save/restore state function by the end of next week. The main issue is making sure the pre-processing states are save and restored as well (or at the very less not interfere with the post-processing states.