Compartments and Action

  1. How does the Compartment in Action like Hemorrhage play a role in how the equations solve themselves. Is there a possibility to look at the source of how hemorrhage is set up to gain an understanding of how these compartments play a role. If not the source is there an explanation of how these enum values correspond to the engine
  2. There are some medicines that i need but am unsure of how to model them I have gone through the PK/PD Documentation but would need some guidance further. Will Pulse be adding to the list of substances in the engine ?
  1. The compartment dictates where the hemorrhage path is placed on the circuit. More information about this is located in the Cardiovascular Methodology on the website here. The location dictates the amount of flow available to hemorrhage, i.e., the leg will have a higher flow rate than the arm.

  2. We do not have current funding to expand the list of drugs. While we are always happy to answer questions, if you need further more direct support in how to model a new drug or other physiologic process, we have several mechanisms to collaborate or provide support. You can reach out to me directly at if you would like to discuss these options.