Compiling the source code to use with unreal plugin

I need a few additional actions for some of my scenarios which is why i am tying to edit the source code on a personal repo. I need to now use it with the Unreal Plugin.

  1. Is there a Workflow to replace the files in the plugin.
  2. Is there a Build order or configuration that i need to know in order to build similar dlls for the plugin
  3. If the cdm folder is replaced with the cdm folder from the source code ("including the cpp files) and i remove the dependencies from UPLUGIN file. would it work ?
    5 is there a resource i can refer to, to understand the workflow

The Pulse plugin provides a prebuilt Pulse Engine binary, you will need to rebuild that.
Build Pulse per the readme instructions on the Pulse Repository
But with the Pulse_AS_SHARED cmake option enabled


Then just replace the ThirdParty/PulseSDK/include directory with the <pulse_build_dir>install/include folder. The Pulse.lib will be in the <pulse_build_dir>install/lib folder, and the Pulse.dll will be in the <pulse_build_dir>install/bin folder. If you are using the StandardMale@0s.json or StandardFemale@0s.json states, you can find those in the <pulse_build_dir>install/bin.states folder

I will update our Readme with these instructions.

Your plugin now has all your Pulse updates and you can use your new actions

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