Condition and System Stabilizing

  1. When Severity of a Condition is changed does the System have to run through all the initial solvers and setup ?
  2. If so is there a buffer or a change in severity of a condition that triggers the need for resolving the entire engine?
  3. If a Consition moves from zero to non -zero or vice versa would this trigger a need to resolve the System ?

Thanks for your questions.

  1. A condition is defined as a disease that is relatively stable for the patient even though in an unhealthy state. So this requires the engine to “stabilize” to that state and then it will continue to execute each timestep. You can apply further “actions” to that patient. Actions are considered acute responses for trauma, disease, or treatment and are applied to the patient immediately and do not require stabilization. Many conditions in our system have an accompanying exacerbation action, which would allow you to make the condition worse and this can be changed during runtime without requiring stabilization.
    2 and 3. You cannot change a condition during runtime except with the exacerbation actions. Changing the actions does not require stabilization but will compute with each time step and you should see the patient get better or worse over time depending on the action.

I hope that helps.

HI Thanks for the response.
That clears a huge chunk of my doubts.
i do have a follow question though.
Is there a way to make an Exacerbation? I would want to modify sepsis in one of my scenarios. Is there a way i could do so

There is some guidance on how to create an action in our wiki here. You can also look at other exacerbations, COPD has one, for more information.