Connecting hardware device to read heart rate.

Hello, I would like to use this asset for a game I am developing, however I only need the heart rate readings, my question is, what device would I need to connect in order to read the heart rate with this asset?

I am not sure what you mean by ‘device’

You do not need to use our Vitals Monitor. You really only need to add a PulseEngineDriver to your unity scene. Heart Rate is requested from Pulse in this provided class, so you can just use it as is.

So now you need create your own Pulse Data Consumer You can see that we provide Line Renderer and Number Renderer consumers that just pulls the data and does something with it

The data coming out of the engine is stored in an array of arrays, the order is based on the order of the requests made, so heart rate is in index 2 (index 0 is always reserved for sim time)

But you should be able to select the index via a drop down in the unity editor on your consumer if you use our classes. Then you can do whatever you want with the provided data in your update.

By “device” i meant, what item such as any heart rate reading watch can I use with this asset to get the heart rate readings of a user, if that makes sense?

This asset does not hook up to hardware, it actually simulates the patient and provides you the heart rate. If you would like a 2nd heart rate provided by a device, that would be done independent of the Pulse asset. I am not sure what unity assets are out there that can interface with consumer health wearables.

Alright, thank you for your help!