covid related examples

Are there any covid-related examples/scenarios for pulse? If not covid itself, then other similar diseases/viruses (e.g., flu, the original SARS, etc.)? In the absence of existing example, any advice on how such a thing could be modeled in pulse?

Yes. We just completed a COVID-19 multipatient ventilation (i.e., two patients sharing one ventilator) study. We plan to release a manuscript detailing the results very soon. The code has been merged into the 3.x branch. See the ReadMe for details.

To model COVID-19 pathophysiology, we added the ability to set/override the respiratory system resistance and compliance and exposed the alveolar gas exchange and pulmonary shunt fraction modifiers for direct manipulation. This allows PaO2/FiO2 ratios consistent with the ARDS Berlin criteria, but with the atypical dissociation with well-preserved lung mechanics (i.e., compliance) seen in COVID-19 patients.

We also created a Jupyter Notebook and posted it in Binder (select Multiplex_Ventilation.ipynb and hit Run). We plan to continue updating this.

I’m adding a COVID-19 HowTo in the SDK this week and will let you know when it’s up.

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This is great! Is there a specific timeline for the official 3.x release?

I am in the process of landing some branches
End of May at the latest.

Note, 3.x has all the models necessary already.
I also added the support in Java for setting the data directory

I still want to address some of your other issues you created

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The new COVID-19 HowTo is up:

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Our preprint titled Computational Simulation to Assess Patient Safety of Uncompensated COVID-19 Two-patient Ventilator Sharing Using the Pulse Physiology Engine has posted on medRxiv:

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