"Create a patient" problem.

When I create a patient (as opposed to loading ‘StandardMale’ or another) I get the error:

Mouth Compartment’s volume fractions do not sum up to 1

I get the same error running ‘HowTo-CreateAPatient.cpp’. This is important for what I am doing since I really would like to simulate the patient with initial conditions such as blood pressure. Am I missing something?

PS: I am trying to simulate a patient with a certain BP/HR/etc. Im assuming the best way is to create a patient with these values. If there is a better way to set these values (after loading another patient?) Im interested to hear.

That is the correct thing to do.

I assume you are on master?
I am in the process of updating master with a 2.0 release candidate from the 2.x branch. I am going to build out the current master and try to reproduce your problem to make sure I have addressed it.

I should have this figured out pretty soon today

I built and ran ‘HowTo-CreateAPatient.cpp’ on the master branch and the 2.x branch

I was able to create a patient successfully on both.

Can you provide a little more information on what version of Pulse you are running and your system?

I am running Ubuntu 16.04 with the latest Pulse as of last week. I just did a git pull though and there are changes so I am retrying.

I compiled the library as a SHARED library during this test.

I do not recommend building with shared enabled.
We use protobufs for serialization and it is pretty notorious for not working well across shared library boundaries.
But this may only be an issue on windows, but it is something that I have not fully tested and could cause problems