Create new substance in unity

Hello, I’m trying to create a new substance and importing it in unity but I can’t succeed.
I created the Atropine.json and stored it in Data/substances, but when I try to call it from a script unity crashes.
What am I doing wrong?
The method I am using to call it from the script is the following

SESubstanceBolus bo = new SESubstanceBolus();
bo.GetConcentration().SetValue(50, MassPerVolumeUnit.mg_Per_mL);
bo.GetDose().SetValue(1, VolumeUnit.mL);

All other standard substances work while being called this way, only new .json can’t be opened.

If you are initializing the engine by loading a state file, that new substance needs to be in the state file
If you are initializing the engine by stabilizing to a patient configuration, that should work

Which are you doing?

I was loading a state file without putting it inside. Thank you