DeformableBody example runs on low UPS

Hello everyone,

I have just started learning iMSTK and so far I am pretty excited about it. However, I encountered a problem with the DeformableBody example: It runs with at only 1 to 2 UPS. Here are my specs:

  • Intel core i5
  • NVIDIA Qudaro P1000
  • Linux Ubuntu 18.04

Could you tell if this is expected behaviour and if there is a way to improve performance? Thanks in advance.


Thanks for the interest. Can you state what optimization level was used during compilation? At least on windows there is a lot of difference between debug and release modes.

With regards to improving speed, we have recently added TBB support in imstk and we are slowly starting to enable parallelism for different classes. VEGA library allows calling element updates for sub-elements and hence we can definitely speed things up. Let me know if this is something you are interested in contributing and I can provide guidance.

Hi @sreekanth.arikatla,

Thanks for your answer. I built a release version of iMSTK and the frequency went up to 54 UPS!

Regarding the second part, I would be extremely glad to contribute to the project somehow. Although at the moment I was planning to try to implement a Vulkan renderer for Linux (as far as I understood, it is only available on Windows for now).

Regarding this example, we notice that the rendering transition between successive deformation steps is not as smooth as compared with previous iMSTK versions despite we use original example settings in both cases. Below the git logs of the projects I’m using:

#1) We observe a weird rendering effect during the simulation that seems it’s originated by a superposition of the deformed nodes in previous and current frames…
commit f60fc673cf77f022855a628aef736530bc308e76
Merge: 744321ae df019722
Author: Sreekanth Arikatla
Date: Sat Sep 7 19:22:21 2019 -0400

#The rendering of the deformed mesh is smooth and correct
commit fa7d2f1660fc23834479b47c3c2e6a18f174b308
Merge: 6e284b3c a4c60f6c
Author: Sreekanth Arikatla
Date: Thu May 2 13:40:32 2019 -0400

In our case UPS is ok and we are using VTK renderer. We are planning to make VK renderer implementation works in linux as well and any progress we will let you know…

Thanks for the feedback! I will check that particular version you have choppy rendering and get back to you. Thanks.

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