Deploying on HoloLens 2

Everything works fine when played in Unity, but the vital signs do not work when deployed and played in HoloLens 2.
Any ideas how to fix this?

I lent out my hololens 2, so I cannot test it any time soon. But it’s just an Arm64 build. Maybe I made a simple mistake in building. Can you look at the unity and the Pulse log and see what error is provided? I am thinking it might be an unable to load dll error, or it cannot load the state file provided.

It does not show a log or an error. It just don’t show the vital sign graph on HoloLens 2.

Hi juwon

Sorry I droped this yesterday.
So Unity writes logs here: Unity - Manual: Log Files
See if there is something in your editor or application log

Pulse also writes a log in the application data path

You might also try wrapping this allocation in a try/catch to see if maybe you get an error about your application being unable to load the dll build for hololens

Is your application 64bit or 32bit?

I believe my application is built with 64bit.

Find anything in the logs?

I did not find any logs related to this problem…

Try putting a try/catch around this line

See if the new is successful or not

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