Directly Setting Values in Patient From Code

I want to create a function that can change certain parameters like temperature to begin with in the Patient… IM using the UNreal Plugin and wanted to know if there is a way to directly set a starting temperature that would not get overriden .

Currently, the energy and environment systems are the only systems influencing the patient’s temperature. So you would need to either have the patient perform some exercise, or turn up the ambient temperature in the environmental conditions. This may or may not put the physiology in the appropriate state for your specific scenario. You could potentially experiment with setting the initial patient Basal Metabolic Rate, but I am not sure if the downstream effects of that would be acceptable or not.

Of course the question is, why is the patient temperature increasing, and make sure that we model that fundamental reason appropriately

I need the patient to be Hyperthermic as a result of an infection that I’m dealing with outside pulse. What would be the best approach for this

There is not a good way to do this in Pulse currently. We would need to model the effect of the infection on the patient, including the temperature change.

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