Discussion on CMB 6.0 UI Design


As we finish the core functionality of CMB 6.0 and SMTK 3.0 we need to review the current GUI and see where improvements can be made both in the near term and long term time frames in order to improve usability. Your inout and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

The following image is the current GUI (with post-processing enabled) of ModelBuilder 6.0.

Current List of Possible Improvements

  • SMTK Operations should be displayed as a set of icons/tools in a toolbar. Since Icon design might take some time, it should be possible to use a textual representation in the toolbar as well
    • Maybe doing a vertical layout as appose to ParaView’s horizontal toolbar layout
  • Perhaps provide a similar way to search operation similar to the way a user can search paraview filters via string matching
  • Need ability to differentiate between Pre & Post - Processing functionality
    • Maybe either the Resource Manager Panel or the Pipeline Panel should be displayed
    • Similarly w/r to the Property and Operator Panels
  • Need to improve spatial relationship between selecting an attribute and seeing its values (via an attribute or model entity panel)
  • Workflow support