Display Vtk (Tethedralize object) object by using IMSTK

When I try to render tethedralize object by using FtetWild on VTK at i7 Nvidia RT2070 laptop , CPU usage reaches % 90 and wait there and power usage very high every time. What I am doing wrong or it is normal.

The power needed to recalculate 1 frame is mostly dependent on the number of elements (tetrahedra) in your geometry. You can try reducing the number of tets in your mesh. See the Tetwild Readme

💡 If you want a tetmesh with low resolution, please use larger envelop and larger ideal edge length.

Sizing field

In imstk all the work is done on the CPU

What constraints are you using ?

Hi Harald,
I set envelope size to 0.004 and ideal edge length to 0.25. When I set larger this atributes,shape was changed. Obj file size 11KB. Msh file size 120 KB and final ascii based vtk file size 124 KB , binary one is 94 KB.

The important information is the number of nodes/tetrahedra, to reduce the computational load really the only thing to do is to reduce the number of nodes. The Stats window ctrl+I on gmsh or the tetmesh output will tell you the number of nodes

As to your original question you are not really doing anythign wrong, it just takes a lot of computational effort to simulate an object with a large number of nodes