Dog Physiology Model Simulation

Hello, we are looking to implement a dog physiology engine into Unity. There really are no options without building one from scratch. We have looked at modifying Pulse using the patient JSON’s but they are extremely long and aren’t sure if it will work. The simulation doesn’t have to be perfect. Just good enough to simulate a few conditions on the monitor. Do you have any insight on this? Thank you in advance.

Hi @loneill

We have had interest in add canine models to Pulse, but no takers yet. Many of our models have foundations from papers using animal data. Although our validation data and patient configurability is for humans. Pulse is a pretty versitile physiology engine, so modelling canine physiology can be done well with Pulse. We have had users utilize Pulse human physiology for a few limited animal scenarios (such as a hemorrhage). For acurate canine physiology we would need to add in a variety of features (such as a different patient initialization methodology, update drug models, etc.), but this is well within the scope of the architecture provided in Pulse.

Okay thanks. Are the patient initialization and drug models all in the different JSON’s that Pulse uses?

The majority of the implementation changes required will be C++ based changes
The first thing needed would be to gather validation data up to ensure models are properly simulating
We have our human/adult validation here.

We implement the previously referenced patient methodology here and our lumped parameter circuits are setup here with human assumptions, we’d need to create a new file for creation of a circuit setup to properly represent a canine, and a separate canine folder for this engine that sets up and encapsulates all these new files/models.

In setting up an initial canine engine, I would probably only concentrate on the architectural setup and circuit setup for only cardio/pulmonary exchange and its validation. This is a pretty good chunk of work to do…

If you are looking for something quick, have you tried downloading and experimenting with the Pulse Explorer? You could use this application to quickly see if you can make a human patient that provides adequate vitals. Then you can experiment with various actions to simulate how vitals will change based on actions you would provide users.