ECG line render is not reflecting the heart rate in Unity 3D asset example scene

Hi, I am trying to use the unity3d asset and went through the sample scenes. I am able to change the heart rate at runtime by changing the mutiplier value in the pluseDataNumberRender. But the ECG line render is not reflecting the heart rate. How do I change the ecg lineRenderer to match the heartrate.

Hello @raj and welcome to the Pulse community! Thanks for asking your question here.

The multiplier in the pulseDataNumberRender is just to edit how to display the incoming data. It’s usually helpful to multiple by 100 to display percentages or to reformat information in a different unit. However, it is not actually changing the incoming data, only how it is rendered. For the lineRenderer, there aren’t really reasons to want to scale the incoming values, only defining the scale of the X and Y axis makes sense to make sure you’re visualizing your graph in the best space.

If you want your PulseData to change, then you need the actual PulseDataSource to provide different values, whether it’s with the random number generator, a CSV reader, of a pulse engine that runs a simulation.

I hope this answers your question, but please let us know there are more things you need help with.