ECMO functionality in Unity


I am trying update the plugins in the Unity project so that I can use the ECMO components in Unity.
I think I have correctly updated the managed plugins using the built 4.X branch on the engine but I am not sure if I updated the Native plugins correctly and when I tried I get an error saying it cannot import the scenario files.

Screenshot 2022-07-18 163346

Will there be an official update to the Unity project that will include the ECMO component soon?

That state file git hash is still from the asset store release
When you build Pulse, it will generate new states in the install/bin/states folder
You will need to replace those in our asset Data folder and your Streaming Assets folder

You can also pull the latest asset from our repository
This has ECMO in it along with most of the binaries updated as well as states

We should have a new release coming out this month or next

Awesome that seems to have have worked.