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  1. Tension Pneumothorax has a cardiac component to it. However when Pneumothorax is in the nascent stages, the doctors I consulted said that it only affects the respiratory system. I tried setting the pneumothorax severity to a lower number but there was some fluctuation in the Heart Related Vitals. For our scenario I need pneumothorax to then eventually turn into Tension Pneumothorax. Advise on what variables I can manipulate to achieve the said result.
  2. I am trying to create a scenario of Anaphylaxis that starts out as a normal Allergy and then progresses to a case of Anaphylaxis.
    I was able to recreate the effects that I am looking for by simulating bronchoconstriction, ARDS, Pneumonia and Airway Constriction. What are the Variables that could be manipulated and is there any suggested way to create the flow of Allergy to Anaphylaxis.
  3. Additionally as part of the Anaphylaxis we need to simulate distributive shock. Is there a way to gain control and have it trigger at a certain point. Is there a state or variable that is exposed that can suggest that the patient is in shock
  4. I have a scenario where i have to create a completely new State. ( Chest infection) i got as far as understanding which chamber i should target Beyond that Iā€™m unclear on how i would go about implementing this. Any suggestions ?

Here are some thoughts that might be helpful:

  1. Pulse currently includes a tension pneumothorax model that traps air in the pleural space and does not let it escape. Even at small severities, cardiovascular effects may start to be seen as the lung begins to collapse.
    How long are you expecting it to take before you see cardiovascular effects in a realistic scenario? What are the respiratory signs at that point?

  2. Pulse does not yet include an immune system model, so your current approach is probably best.
    You could potentially leverage the PK/PD implementation to add the allergen as a substance and model the effects based on plasma concentrations.

  3. Pulse currently includes events for hypovolemic shock and cardiogenic shock. Events are just clinical state flags we set based on various systems data. You can write code in your application to check any of the system level properties associated with your trigger point.

  4. The Wiki instructions for adding a new Action or Condition may be helpful.

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