Editting Graphs with a model or value

We are currently developing a final-college project utilizing Pulse as the signal monitor for a defined pneumonia patient, inside an educative environment. The experience was designed to use just two elements (Cannula and Venturi) and defined their effects based on a mathematical gas-exchange model. We know the basic treatment flow to follow:


The problem is we haven’t been able to edit the output signals of the monitor, utilizing this model. I think we haven’t comprehended how can we control the outputs without the defined actions (ex: pulmonary obstruction), since they are not exactly what we are aiming to use (and it might have problems with the environment and definition of oxygen flows, concentrations, and treatment period).

We would love to know if there exists any alternative or something we could do to use the Asset in the given context.

Any help would be appreciated, we have tried using the default actions in the “CreateActionOnClick” or the different states but haven’t been able to implement them correctly.

Hi juansog

The first thing you need to do is to create a Pulse state to represent your first/top box.
Our Unity assest provides you with a C# library you can use outside of Unity to create a scenario you can use to create your initial patient state.

Take a look at this example code, specifially the initialization PatientObject case

You want to initialize Pulse with the correct conditions to get your patient with your initial vitals, then save out the state, as demonstrated here:
It is up to you to properly program the conditions/values/etc to get Pulse to your desired state.
Feel free to use the Pulse Explorer to create scenarios you can use to generate your states. (Currently, only the windows build is the latest)

You will create this state file outside of your Unity environment.
You can then load your state in your Unity environment, and once loaded, Pulse will reflect the desired vitals

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