Errors in ScreneSpace Scene with PulseCSVReader

I’m using Pulse Physiology Engine in a Unity 2020.3.40f1 project and am getting errors trying to use PulseCSVReader with the VitalsMonitorExampleData.csv file provided in the asset.

I have set the data source for CameraCanvas->Line->Number->PulseDataNumberRenderer to PulseCSVReader and the CSV input in the PulseCSVReader component to VitalsMonitorExampleData using the Unity Inspector. An error is generated in the Inspector in the PulseDataNumberRenderer component that says “Error: Data source could not generate valid data fields”. I also get an error in the console:

NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
PulseCSVReader.ComputeHeaders () (at Assets/PulsePhysiologyEngine/Scripts/PulseCSVReader.cs:158)
PulseCSVReader.OnValidate () (at Assets/PulsePhysiologyEngine/Scripts/PulseCSVReader.cs:42)

It seems like data.fields in PulseCSVReader and in PulseDataConsumerEditor are the problems, even though the CSV lines array that should be generating the headers for data.fields is populated and appears to be correct.

I have not run that example in a while
It’s possible I may have updated an interface and not updated that chain of classes

I will need to test that and see what I can

I just needed to allocate the data.fields to get this scene running again

Thanks for the quick response! Confirmed that PulseCSVReader and the ScreenSpace example are working with the change.