EtCO2 fraction

I’m running the Pulse 3.0 in Java with the Soldier@0s.json state file. I have a data request for EtCO2 like this:

SEDataRequest etco2 = new SEDataRequest();

When I get the data while the engine is running, this value hovers between 0.045 and 0.046, which seems very low. My understanding is that normal is 35-45% (0.35-0.45), which is an order of magnitude higher.

Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

That seems like the correct values. The accepted standard healthy EtCO2 values are 35mmHg-45mmHg, which equivalent to ~4%-6% or 0.04-0.06. You probably want to get “EndTidalCarbonDioxidePressure” with unit of “mmHg”.

You are right! Thanks for helping me find my mistake :slight_smile:

Btw, is there a comprehensive list of what properties can be requested? I was looking at this and got myself confused. But even if I had noticed my error, I wouldn’t have known about this other property.

With the correct data request, I’m getting a value between 34 and 35, which still seems slightly low, but maybe the soldier patient falls outside of normal because he’s unusually fit or something?

System and Compartment Data is described here

Follow the links to each system table to see all the strings supported

I tried the links, but I get 403 permission denied errors.

Sorry about that
Try now, had to push a fix to the site
(Let us know of any other issues on the site if you see anything)

That’s working. Thanks!