Extending the auxiliary geometry extension

@Haocheng_Liu I see at least part of the problem you have with the RGG session. It needs not only to indicate that the .rgg file can be loaded but also to add it to the VTK cache. Since it adds dependencies beyond VTK, it should not be in the vtkSMTKSourceExt library. I think the best path forward is to

  • Modify vtkModelMultiBlockSource.cxx to call smtk::common::Extension::visitAll(...) instead of calling canHandle on the instance of vtkAuxiliaryGeometryExtension that it creates. It should still create that instance and query it for the cached geometry.
  • Add a method to vtkAuxiliaryGeometryExtension that subclasses can call to add a vtkDataObject to the cache. Call it addCacheEntry().
  • Have a new smtk::bridge::rgg::AuxiliaryGeometryExtension class inherit vtkAuxiliaryGeometryExtension and call addCacheEntry() inside its canHandle() override.

SMTK MR1111 addresses the issue.

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