Heart Rate drop during exercises and validation

Hi everyone,

I’m working with Pulse and trying to understand the functioning of the energy methodology. There are some issues that I encountered, and I would like to know if there are any explanations:

  1. When applying to a standard patient an action with intensity 0.03, after a slight increase in the HR, suddenly, after a few minutes of simulation, HR starts to decrease to bradycardia values, as well as pressure. However, these results are in contrast with the validation results available on the Pulse website, where an increase in HR and pressure is expected. Also, the peak value reached by the HR is far away from the validation result.

  2. The same happens when applying different intensities. The only difference is that the higher the intensity, the later HR starts to decrease to bradycardia values.

  3. Furthermore, I noticed that setting a basal metabolic rate higher than the one calculated by Pulse for the specific patient results in a lower peak value of the heart rate during exercise, and vice versa. However, I expect that having a higher total metabolic rate would mean a greater increase in HR when performing exercises.

I’d like some clarification on these issues.

Thanks in advance,