Help with Android Build in Unreal 5

Using the Pulse Engine with Unreal 5. We are using the older version where there were 4 lib files. I added it to Public AdditionalLLibraries in the Build.cs File. It builds properly for windows but it throws the following error for an android build. Any ideas ?
UATHelper: Packaging (Android (ASTC)): ld.lld: error: cannot open E:/wkspaces/I3NucleusPOC/UE_POC/Plugins/PulsePhysiologyEngine/Source/ThirdParty/PulseLibrary/lib/release: Is a directory

Since Pulse is a C++ library, you will need to have libraries/binaries built for each specific platform.

Currently, we are only providing libraries/binaries for the Win64 platform.

I am not very familiar with how Unreal supports code plugins on android, but I would think you will need to build Pulse for your targeted platform and update the Build.cs file for Unreal to properly build your application for your targeted platform.

I am not sure how complicated this is… but I would guess this would be challenging…