How can I process an action in unreal engine?

Howdy! I’m a complete newbie, but I want to use pulse with blueprints, but I can’t get the processAction function to work. I just get errors and it never seems to do anything. (Also, I noticed that in the preview for ue5.1, the example pulse component’s “IED Explosion” doesn’t seem to do anything as well)

We have a sample project here

You should be able to pull these and see how this example is working

Thanks! But for some reason, I get “incompleted type” errors in my ide, but it compiles fine.

Also, I can’t seem to be able to parse eHemorrhage_Compartment as an input to a function - it won’t compile.

Also, I’m wondering what the deal is with WITH_PULSE. Like, why is it used and is it necesary?

Check which SEHemorrhage.h you are pulling in, eHemorrhage_Compartmen is defined there.

The WITH_PULSE is there from a collaborator helping write the plugin
I believe they had it in there to be able to easily turn off Pulse in the build to perform testing and timing with and with out Pulse easily

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Alright, thanks!