How can i see Cardiac arrhythmia in the simulator?

Hey guys!
after loading a patient , what can i do in order to see one of the cardiac arrhythmia types?
is there’s any action on click i can do?

there’s a way to define that the patient will have some cardiac arrhythmia in a specific point of the simulation?

the engine supports all types of cardiac arrhythmia ?

thank you very much!

Sure, you can use our Arrhythmia action

You can read about it here

Thank you very much abray for the quick response as always.

after i read your ref, how can i use “Arrhythmia action” ?
i’m implementing it in unity3d, and i can’t see any class\script with this name.
what am i missing?

I have not released a new version of the Unity asset to the store in a while
I hope to do so in the next month
I do have some builds you can test out here
But they only support windows currently.
Building an asset with all the various native libraries takes a while
Here a version that should have arrhythmia in it

Thank you very much!
Looking forward to your next release!

in the meanwhile , i have created more cases for the Pulse action on click class:
case PulseAction.SinusTachycardia:
SEArrhythmia seaR = new SEArrhythmia();

and applying the action on click - to get the desired Arrhythmia.
i have a questions about it:

  1. when im triggering Arrhythmia, can i control on the rate? making the waves faster\slower?
  2. in your next release, will you support more Arrhythmia types?

Thank you in advanced.

The Bradycardia and tachycardia heart raters are currently hard coded

We currently do not have plans to improve upon these Arrhythmia’s in the near future.

We are looking for help/support to provide a full implementation of the ACLS protocol

Any input/testing/observations on our current functionality would be greatly appreciated!

I’d love to contribute!
I will need the source in order to suggest my changes.
let’s discuss it!

Sounds great!
We are always open to collaborate and add new functionality
Check out our contribution guide