How do you create an irregular heartrate in the engine?

I need an irregular heartrate for a simulation I am running but it does not seem to have an option to create one?? Any help?

What kind of arrhythmia are you looking for?
We have just put in (and are still cleaning up) these heart rhythms

enum eHeartRhythm
  NormalSinus                     = 0; /**<< @brief Normal electical signal and mechanical function. */ 
  SinusBradycardia                = 1; /**<< @brief Normal electical signal with reduced heart rate.   */
  SinusTachycardia                = 2; /**<< @brief Normal electical signal and increased heart rate.  */
  Asystole                        = 3; /**<< @brief No electrical signal or mechanical function. */
  CoarseVentricularFibrillation   = 4; /**<< @brief No organized electrical signal, no mechanical function. */
  FineVentricularFibrillation     = 5; /**<< @brief No organized electrical signal, reduced amplitude compared to coarse VF, no mechanical function. */
  PulselessElectricalActivity     = 6; /**<< @brief Electical signal, but no mechanical function. */
  PulselessVentricularTachycardia = 7; /**<< @brief Normal electical signal with reduced amplitude, but no mechanical function. */
  StableVentricularTachycardia    = 8; /**<< @brief Ventricular tachycardia electrical signal with increased heart rate.  */
  UnstableVentricularTachycardia  = 9; /**<< @brief Ventricular tachycardia electrical signal with increased heart rate, reduced heart elastance. */

Here is an example of using these:

the example link is no longer valid.

We have merged that branch into our 4.x branch

You can see it here now

You can also experiment with arrhythmia in the explorer

Load a State (ex. StandardMale@0s.json)
Start the engine
Add an arrhythmia action
Check out the response!