Implementation of a new brain model

Hi !
I am new here as I just discovered the Pulse engine. I would like to know how easy it would be to implement my own model of the brain blood circulation coupled to CSF dynamics (I am not a cpp programing expert). I wish to analyses the interaction between the brain physiology and the cardiac function.
Do you have any documents that explain the structure of the code and how to modify/implement new models ?
Also I would need more information about your baroreflex model.
I would be happy to discuss this through a virtual discussion :slight_smile:
Thank you very much,
Have a lovely day,

Hi Alexandra!
Welcome to Pulse!

A great place to start is our About Pulse page
From there you should understand how we encapsulate a physiology System
And how we use Circuits

The baroreflex model is also described in the Nervous System

Cardiovascular functionality is described in its own page

Once you understand these concepts, to get an understanding of C++ implementation in Pulse, you will want to work through our Wiki to see how you actually Extend Pulse. (Which does require a pretty good understanding of C++ development.)

We do have some very basic initial CSF support implemented.
So Pulse would be a great place to explore CSF modelling.

We would love to talk to more about your project, just send a note to and we can set something up!

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Thank you very much for this clear introduction !

I will send an email for more details about my project. I think it will fit perfectly in your framework. :slight_smile:

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