Imstk-Unity Tetrahedral meshes fatal bug

In Imstk-Unity it’s not possible to simulate two or more tetrahedral bodies in the same scene, each tetrahedral body (except one) just behave like it has no constraints. I know it’s weird but it’s happening. I made a short video just to show it:

Thanks for pointing this out, it looks like this is a bug in iMSTK where the constraint generation isn’t working correctly. There is already an issue for that if you want to track it. Is getting this to work critical for you at the moment ?

Mmm yes it is, but don’t spend more time than what you expected to. I will work on it too, to see what can be happenning. So reading the issue, if I use for example 5 deformables with different stiffness but the same type of constraints, they won’t work?

If its like that, it’s a critical bug, not for me, but for everyone.

I will try to find a fix too, thanks.

It will work for some constraint types and not for others, there are a few different functions creating these constraints, and it looks like they have a variety of bugs. The whole section in the code needs to be refactored

Okay, for the moment I’m going to use what iMSTK-Unity allows me to do without problems. I will wait for news or work on them if I can. Thanks again!