iMSTK Unity & XR Interaction Toolkit

Hello, I am trying to develop a VR application using iMSTK in Unity together with the XR Interaction Toolkit. Is this possible? My own attempts haven’t yielded much. For example, I experimented with the Syringe in the Grasping example scene. However, when I pick up the object with the Oculus controller, it doesn’t interact with either the Sphere or the Cube. Thank you in advance!

So have a look at the UnityController scene, it uses the UnityDrivenDevice to enable direct interactions between unity input and imstk. Imstk physics is not interoperable with unity physics. If you want to utlize it you will have to model the physics in imstk and attach the unity input similarily to what’s being done in the UnityController scene. And use the UnityDriveDevice to drive an imstk controller with a the Oculus controller.

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I found the problem. When I saw UnityController scene in your answer, I understood. I had downloaded iMSTK from the Unity Asset Store. When I checked the Git repository, I realized that I was using an old version. I am starting to understand and develop things now. Thank you very much!

I think the UnityController is in the 2.0 release but we have added some performance improvements and other updates to the current main branch, i hope everything works out for you.