Initial Patient Setup

So im trying to setup the patient programmatically in the UE5 plugin version of pulse.

  1. IM not able to access the parameters provided in the JSON file
  2. I need to set the conditions before i start the simulation but need to do it from CPP. Im not able to get a reference to the Condition. Please Advice

We designed the Unreal Plugin to be initialized via state files that already have the conditions applied.

We do have these UPulsePhysiologyEngine::InitializeFrom* methods. I would suggest creating a new method that would take in some representation of the conditions you want to apply and follow the logic here to properly initializing Pulse with those coditions. Pulse will look for the directories and files it needs to initialize in the application working directory. If you want to place those directories somewhere else, please call pc.SetDataRoot to tell Pulse the data directory to use before you call the InitializeEngine method.

I would probably look to replicate the scenario engine driver in our Unity plugin in our Unreal plugin.