Injecting values to an exciting scenario

Hi guys,
I want to inject values to an exciting scenario , and see the vitals co-respond to the updated value,
For example,
I want to set the HR to 150 and see the Heart rate sinus graph goes in the same rate.
is it possible?
what is the best practice?

Thank you!

Hi @Lanir

For Pulse, Vitals signs such as HR, are derived from a particular physiologic response to a specific action you perform on the simulated patient. We do not have an interface to allow you to specify these vitals values explicitly. Think of the Pulse patient as a real patiient, and you need to perform certain actions on the patient to get your desired outcome.

For increasing the HR, you could inject some Epinephrine, or you could make the patient do some exercise, you could apply a tachycardia arrythmia. These actions have different phyiologic processes and models associated with them. You should choose the one that best reflects your scenario.

So experiement with passing in various actions as Pulse exeucutes in your application to create a patient with vitals that represent your sceneaio!


Thank you very much @abray !
I fully understand.

I need to have a “Starting point” vitals, so what you are saying that i need to actually - create a scenario with case that will match my vitals needed?
How can I get this “Map” of the Vitals to the medical scenarios?
how can i actually make the patient to do some exercise?
The action i’ve seen in the “Pulse Action On Click” has no exercise action in the list.
One last question:
I need to simulate all types of arrythmia, including Tachycardia, Atrial fibrillation, atrial flutter, bradycardia etc…
Do you support these cases? can i have the specific vitals according to that arrhythmia types ?

Thank you very much!

The On-Action-Click example is just demonstrating how to use our API with Unity
That unity control/scene is not intended to be used as a component you should use in your appliction
Its up to your application to provide some way to translate user interaction into the appropriate Pulse API call within your own custom unity application scripts.

Here are all the C# classes included in the Pulse unity asset

Here are the arrythmia’s we support, you can read more about those models here

I would suggest you check out the Pulse Explorer to easily be able to experiment with Pulse and what you can do before you start programming in Unity.

Once you get comfortable with Pulse and are happy with your vitals, we can then move that into unity