Installation problem

Good morning,

I’m trying to install iMSTK on a Windows computer but I get a lot of errors during the CMake installation. Have you ever encountered this kind of problem? Attached here, the .log file.
Thanks in advance for your help.

Hi @chiaradivece,

Just a side note, but you should probably consider compiling in Win64 mode. In CMake when you select the compiler, there is an option to select something along the lines of Visual Studio 15 2017 Win64. I’m not sure if this is the reason why it’s failing, but it wouldn’t hurt to try this.

Could you check if the pthreads folder has been properly downloaded? It should be under …/iMSTK-build/External/PThreads.

I also get these errors while trying to configure CMake. If I don’t include iMSTK_USE_ODE and iMSTK_USE_OMNI, the errors disappear.

Sorry for the late reply. For ODE and OpenHaptics, you need to provide the library separately. Are you planning to use these features?

Yes I am. How can I provide then separately?

For OpenHaptics, you need to specify the OPENHAPTICS_ROOT_DIR folder. It’s in the screenshot above, is this the correct location on your system? I don’t see an OpenHaptics error in the log so I’m unsure if that’s the problem.

For ODE, you can use this version ( or your own. You need to build it, and provide the appropriate values below:

ODE isn’t a highly used feature for us (as most simulators built with iMSTK so far don’t use rigid body dynamics), so it doesn’t have a seamless interface within iMSTK currently. We are currently working on it, but the interface development has been put on the backburner for now:

However, you should be able to use ODE directly. We are planning to continue development for rigid body support and will be discussing this internally soon.

CC: @sreekanth.arikatla


I’ve solved the problem with OpenHaptics. Now it is able to find also the path for ODE_INCLUDE_DIR; however the one for ODE_LIBRARY is still wrong. Which folder should I include? Thanks again for all your precious help!

I think the ODE_LIBRARY should be the .lib file that ODE produces when you build it. ODE has some build steps, but I think the current version on ODE’s BitBucket page has CMake support:

Our version also has CMake support, but it’s in a WIP state. Of course, you can still compile without CMake but it has it’s own instructions in INSTALL.txt.