Issues with the 5.3 version of the Plugin

I tried updating to the Pulse Unreal plugin v5.3. The PulseSDK Folder has no build.cs file and hence is getting recognized by VS Studio. Also the Libs and dlls have changed compared to the older version we were using. Would it be possible to update the repo with the right Build.cs File

There is nothing to build in the PulseSDK folder, everything is already built for you.
This just holds content and the prebuilt libraries for building the PulseEngineModule.

There have been significant updates from Pulse 4.1 (The old plugin) to Pulse 4.2, the libraries are different now. We combined the Binding, CommonDataModel, and PulseEngine libraries into a single library. We also now provide a dynamic library rather than the static libraries. Google Protobuf now has a dependency on abseil which increases the amount of static libraries we would need to provide. We also had several Unreal developers specifically request a dynamic library rather that static, as that encapsulates our C++ configuration better (such as exceptions, STL and RTTI usage)

In researching Unreal plugin development a bit more for this update, I modeled this new version on the UltraLeap plugin which has a similar architectural layout as Pulse.

Can you provide more detail as to what kind of issue this has introduced to your project? This seems to be the preferred way to deliver prebuilt binaries in a plugin… but again, not a plugin expert here…

Sorry for the late response.
So with the new plugin, If we generate the Visual Studio Files and open the solution, The ThirdParty Folder is no longer recognized. This is causing me to not be able to include the new files as well. My Projects code hence, stops compiling

In the PulseEngine.Build.cs

Can you try moving the IncludePath here to the PublicIncludePaths

Like this:

     PublicIncludePaths.AddRange(new string[]
        // ... add any public include paths required here ...

      PrivateIncludePaths.AddRange(new string[]
      // ... add any private include paths required here ...

Your module should be depended on thie PulseEngine module, and with this, it should be able to now see the PulseSDK headers