List of Compartment Names for Data Requests


I was wondering if there was a list of the compartments/properties that can be used as arguments for the Unity Plugins SEDataRequest methods.
(CreatePhysiologyDataRequest(), CreateLiquidCompartmentDataRequest(), CreateGasCompartmentDataRequest() etc.)

I am trying to request the partial pressure of oxygen in the body and seem to always get NaN.

I agree that we can do a better job of providing an enumeration in our API for compartments rather than a generic string value as input. That is somthing that I will look into in the future.

What I do is go to this file and look grab the string from there

For names generated using DEFINE_STATIC_STRING_EX , use the 2nd value
Ex. Use LeftKidneyVasculature from:

DEFINE_STATIC_STRING_EX(LeftKidney, LeftKidneyVasculature);

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