Mechanical Ventilator

Hello. We are interested in using Pulse to simulate various patient disease states for management by a closed-loop ventilator. We have a disease specific model to control a ventilator, are getting more familiar with the Pulse engine for modeling the disease state and the corresponding blood gases, but would like to inquire if there has been any work done in designing a ventilator interface to control the existing anesthesia model. Am I correct in concluding that we will have to build that from scratch or is there something available that we can extend? Thanks!

We do not currently have a closed-loop ventilator example included. There is a mechanical ventilation action and anesthesia machine model that are driven without feedback. We plan to implement a closed-loop model (probably pressure support ventilation) for assisted breathing sometime in the next few months. Almost everything to add this functionality should already exist, it’s just a matter of coding in the control software and exposing settings through the API.

Are you looking to implement a new virtual ventilator, integrate existing ventilator testing/simulation software, or connect to an actual physical device?

Right now we need to do a demonstration of a “synthetic patient” with a “respiratory disease” on a “virtual ventilator” being controlled by our AI model - the goal is to keep the patient’s blood gases with a prescribed range as their disease state changes. We will have an opportunity later to interface directly to an actual pressure-limited transport ventilator.

If you’re interested, maybe we can talk briefly on the phone to better understand the settings you may expose to through the API. We would be willing to donate the UI under Apache to your project.

Sounds good. We’ll discuss it outside of Discourse.