Modelling ankle bone fractures for surgical simulation.


I am working on a project that is looking to optimise fracture reduction surgery using robotics and machine learning. As part of the project, I want to simulate the fracture reduction surgery and have been looking to do this in Unity. I have a large database of DICOM images which I will segment and can export (currently exporting to STL) using 3D Slicer and I now want to use this to build my model.

Is this possible to do using IMSTK? When I have downloaded the packages, I can’t see a bone material?

I understand the STL would be the geometry of the object, how do I go about using this?

Thank you in advance!

It really depends what you are trying to do in detail and what specifically you want to simulate. What are the physics elements that you expect in the scene, what are the requirements ? Depending on that you might also be able to get away using the unity physics as well.

With regards to materials, we don’t provide unity materials. You should be able to set up a reasoable approximation for bone with a lit shader.