Ninja does not detect source file changes


I followed the instructions to do a dockcross build with ninja:

# Run this command from a directory that contains both your sourc and your build directories
* docker run --rm dockcross/android-arm64 > ./armv8a* *# This creates a file we will use to invoke our container* *# Next, set execution permissions* * chmod +x ./armv8a *
# Run CMake
# -B is the relative path to my build directory
# -H is the relative path to my Pulse source directory
./armv8a cmake -DPulse_JAVA_API:BOOL=OFF -B./Builds/pulse-engine-armv8a -H./Pulse/engine -GNinja* *# Use ninja to build (provided in the docker)* * ./armv8a ninja -C./Builds/pulse-engine-armv8a
# The for the target platform will be in the pulse-engine-armv8a/install/bin directory

However, if I modify a source file such as PulseConfiguration.cpp and try to trigger a rebuild with ./armv8a ninja -C./Builds/pulse-engine-armv8a, the output is ninja: no work to do.

How to make sure the Ninja rebuilds? thank you.


./armv8a ninja -C./Builds/pulse-engine-armv8a/Innerbuild