Problem with multiple bolus of drugs

Hello there,
I’m having a problem about administrate multiple bolus of drugs (using pulse explorer).
If I try to apply a 10mg 1ml of morphine everything seems to work. But if I try to apply an other bolus nothing changes even though I can see it happen in the console:

[Action] 216.16(s), Patient Action : Substance Bolus
Substance: Morphine
Administration Route: Intravenous
Administration Duration: No Administration Duration Set
Dose: 10(mL)
Concentration: 1(mg/mL)
TotalInfusedDose: NaN

Why is this happening? The problem occours with all kind of drugs bolus

Hi @Vito_Luca_VitoLandon

If I am understanding correctly what you are doing,
You have given the patient a Moriphine does, then several seconds later, give a second Moriphine dose, and you do not see the proper effects to th epatient?

After you have loaded a patient state and before you start the engine, you can create a data request to view the Moriphine Plasma Concentration

Once you start, you can give the two doese, you will see the plasma concentration rise with each administration, so more Moriphine is getting into the system.

We currently do not have an overdose model, so you may have maxed out the PD effects with the first dose, so the 2nd dose would not have any more effect on the body than the first dose.