Problems with Finding Pipeline


I have been able to successfully annotate and train a video. Now I am trying to apply that same training to a new video, but it doesn’t seem to be there (see image below). Not sure if I missed a step, or what, so thought I’d ask here.

Thank you,

Autumn Lee

When did you train your model and was it on the public web instance (aka When did it finish?

If it’s not in the list, chance are the job was launched, but at some point it error-ed out in the training stage, of which there several causes. Some of which have nothing to do with the data, in the last 2 weeks there were a number of unintentional server restarts due to internal IT updating our firewall and updates which could have interrupted the training run. But if it’s an error, I would need to see the job log. You may just want to restart the training job.