Proposed feature: Option to insert custom widget into attribute panel


I heard a good suggestion while walking through an OpenFOAM wave tank plugin. The attribute resource template is organized so that each OpenFOAM application (blockMesh, surfaceFeatureExtract, snappyHexMesh, etc.) is configured by one of the top-level views/tabs. (Our internal OpenFOAM wind tunnel plugin is organized the same way.) With this setup, users spend alot of time switching between the attribute panel to edit the settings and the operation panel to select the op and click the “Apply” button. After several iterations, the question was asked if we can put the run button in the attribute editor. For these smaller applications, it would be useful.


Generalizing this a bit, we could use a mechanism to insert a custom widget at the bottom of the attribute panel (top-level view)

  • The widget would be used for application-specific controls and status information. In addition to a “Run” button, I would also include buttons to, e.g. (i) popup the logfile generated by openfoam, (ii) load and display the data generated by the operation, (iii) set visibility and opacity of that data. Here’s a mockup.

  • We would also need a signal from qtGroupView to indicate when a tab (view) is selected.

Would there be support for something like this?