Question About Using External Data

Hello. I am trying to use the pulse while also feeding data from an external sensor. For example, i want the full body simulation, but i want the systolic and diastolic pressures to come from an external blood pressure cuff. Is this something that is possible and if so, how would it be implemented?

Pulse simulates the entire body, so it is calculating what the vascular tone is, and thus the diastolic and systolic pressures, based on what you are doing to the patient (hemorrhaging, administering drugs, exercise, etc.). Pulse essentially is the patient.

You provide changes to the patient via actions to pulse that you are performing on the patient, and we calculate the physiology.

What we can do is take in a systolic and diastolic pressure and create a simulated patient with those requested pressures, but again, once we are simulating, you need to provide us with an action to change the patient physiology

If you provide us a heart rate or pressures, there are too many unknowns as to why the body is in that physiologic state for us to properly simulate the patient.