RDBModel getBodyPosition gives nullReference exception

I am using IMSTK unity build. I built imstk unity build from your github side. I copied under asset directory. It works. I tried to use Imstk openHaptics part.
First of all;
I added geometryfilter component to my 3D model
I added openHapticsDevice componnet
I addded RDB model to geometryfiltered 3D Model
I added RigidController to my Openhaptic devices and RDBmodel.

But I got following error;
ImstkUnity.RDbModel.GetBodyPosition null refernce exception

What I made wrong?

Hmm, at first that all sounds ok. What’s the commit SHA that you checked out? We recently did some updates and RBDModel is deprecated. All the rigid parts should be called Rigid.

Can you open the “RigidController” scene in the “Scenes/Devices” folder and see if that runs without issues ?